Dear Client,

Be YOU... that is all




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 I am an Irish Photographer based in Cavan. I live with my husband Bernard and our three busy little children Fían, Tynan and Neala all together in our quaint ‘little’ cottage, which is due to be heavily renovated over the coming year. An exciting project both for our family and for my photography practise as I intend to use the house project to make some work for my studies. It is a slight shame that the house renovations will have to coincide so beautifully with my finishing a Masters of Fine Arts in Photography in Ulster University in 2017. But there you have it, a busy introduction to my busy life. Would I have it any other way… I have tried it, and the answer is, probably not.


Eyes always open, I am a self confessed ‘moment’ seeker. I search for the precious opportunities to make pictures that will tell stories, home- grown honestly documented instances in the world around us. I love the outdoors and adventure and they always lend themselves beautiful to my practise, especially when my subjects are children.


I am a mother of three, working primarily in family photography… I don’t need to tell you that I have an appreciation for the chaos that ensues at each and all of the family sessions I work with families on. Lots of chaos, yes, but always lots of laughs too. I try to encourage stress free sessions with all my clients and use my not so secret ingredient each and every time...